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The name is best known among extinct creatures, and most speculated about. Unduly given villainous roles due to having the most irresponsible Public Relations agents possible.

Pythagoras is a squamate scaled beast in earth-tones, fully playing on a reptilian theme.

Rexanne has whimsical pastels with stars and hearts, less menace more merrier.

Geargrinder's riveted metallic panels and machined features, for a past-meets-future style.

These DIY cardmodel kits have illustrated color instructions and parts sheets to build these 58cm(23 inches) long Tyrannosaurus figures.
Print on cardstock and get tools out, this is constructive entertainment.

The ZIP files containing the ready-to-print PDF files is awaiting your purchase.

I rank this cardmodel Level-3: ~EXPERT~ moderately complex parts that are complicated to build.