Foldation FAQs

"What is a cardmodel?"
Cardmodel, or papermodel, papercraft, also Pēpākurafuto(jap. ペーパークラフト), are models of any object or subject made from paper or cardstock by cutting, shaping by bending and folding, and gluing.

"Is FOLDATION a safe online store?"
As best as I can operate I believe it is safe to buy from this store. Alternately you will find many of FOLDATION's kits and other products on my Etsy store:

"What is your product?"
After purchase you download a ZIP file. Inside that are ready-to-print PDF files of the parts pages and instructions. For best results print the parts file onto thicker paper or cardstock.

"How do I build them?"
The best way to learn is through experience. Before you purchase a kit from anyone try one of my free kits (Kostenlose Inhalte), or any of the thousands of free papercraft online. Use a cutting tool you're most comfortable with, and a familiar glue for paper. Also, view my youtube channel.

"Can I get a refund?"
In general: No. Due to the type of product I can not offer any refund for downloaded content.

"Give me your PDO files!"
That would not be possible. I do not use Tamasoft's Pepakura software. It is not part of my process. There are no PDO files.

"How do you create these?"
Each are created by a proprietary process using combinations of 3D modeling, 2D drafting, and vector painting.

"Can you make me a special something?"
Depending on the subject I will consider making a custom kit. Contact me directly for a consultation.

"May I contact you with questions about my order?"
Please do, I will try my best to assist you and respond to reasonable requests. When you do; be sure to use the same email address you used when ordering.

 "Are you on socialmedia?"
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