Foldation FAQs

"What is a cardmodel?"
Cardmodel, or papermodel, papercraft, also Pēpākurafuto(jap. ペーパークラフト), are models of any object or subject made from paper or cardstock by cutting, shaping by bending and folding, and gluing.

"What is your product?"
After purchase you download a ZIP file. Inside that are ready-to-print PDF files of the parts pages and instructions. For best results print the parts file onto thicker paper or cardstock.

"How do I build them?"
The best way to learn is through experience. Before you purchase a kit from anyone try one of my free kits (Kostenlose Inhalte), or any of the thousands of free papercraft online. Use a cutting tool you're most comfortable with, and a familiar glue for paper.

"Can I get a refund?"
In general: No. Due to the type of product I can not offer any refund for downloaded content.

"Give me your PDO files!"
That would not be possible. I do not use Tamasoft's Pepakura software. It is not part of my process. There are no PDO files.

"How do you create these?"
Each are created by a proprietary process using combinations of 3D modeling, 2D drafting, and vector painting.

"Can you make me a special something?"
Depending on the subject I will consider making a custom kit. Contact me directly for a consultation.