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Welcome y'all to The Bent-F Ranch, Robert Marion is the supervising farm-hand and one of the friendliest cowpokes around.
Unfortunately for poor Bert this is the land of FOLDATION and the grazing pastures and surrounding hills are populated by some of the orneriest and most outlandish critters and beasts that ever roamed the Earth and then some.
Whether it's being up at the crack of dawn to find Corona Hedron rollin' 'round the barn, mosasaurus in the watering hole, or peculiar metal people descending from the hills, Bert has to figure out what's to be done about it... after he gets past the shock of seeing such things. Maybe he can solve the problems without using his rifle and revolvers.

This DIY cardmodel kit has illustrated color instructions and parts sheets to assemble a 10cm(4inch) and 15cm(6inch) tall figures.
Print on cardstock and get tools out, this is constructive entertainment.

The ZIP file containing the ready-to-print PDF files is awaiting your purchase.

I rank this cardmodel Level-2: simple enough for most builders, mildly complex parts, easy to build.