Miss Invader's yacht

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Obnoxiously tiger-print decorated saucer spaceship. Could be a UFO, but many should be able to identify it. The personal transport of an electrifying ogre princess.

The mini saucer is five(5) quick-build pieces that assemble a 15cm(6 inches) wide space-dinghy.
I rank this cardmodel Level-2: simple enough for most builders, mildly complex parts, easy to build.

Forty(40) pieces that assemble into a multi-domed alien vessel. Homage details and art elements accompany you on each page. Whole package is complete with detailed illustrated instructions to guide your cardmodeling journey. When completed 28cm(11 inches) diameter.
Print on cardstock and get tools out, this is constructive entertainment.
I rank this cardmodel Level-4: highly complex parts that are challenging to build.

The ZIP files containing the ready-to-print PDF files are awaiting your purchase.