Hard Friend

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A Hard Friend is good to have, sometimes its the pebble in your shoe, others its a stone to the head, but if you're boulder it could be your pet.
Even a chip off the old block can make you smile, but when you use paper and scissors to make rock then it must be FOLDATION's Created Curiosities Hard Friend cardmodel kit.
You have a choice of 5 distinct petrologic chunks, and more than a dozen facial elements to apply.
Aaaaannnnnnd to make your mineral friend comfortable there is a nest and carry box.
What could be more amusing than making a companion of these little stoner pals.

This DIY cardmodel kit has illustrated color instructions and parts sheets.
Print on cardstock and get tools out, this is constructive entertainment.

The ZIP file containing the ready-to-print PDF files is awaiting your purchase.

I rank this cardmodel Level-2: simple enough for most builders, mildly complex parts, easy to build.