Miss Invader

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An introduction that is over the top, episodes filled with electrifying scenes, and acts of whimsical flight. The slender xeno-ogre princess in her tiger print adornments distinguishes herself by both behavior and appearance.

Thirtythree(33) pieces assemble into this anime doll. Modular assemblies create a flexible construction that can be finished in a wide range of poses. Five(5) alternate swappable faces, and two color schemes featuring the animation and comic cover-art portrayals.
When completed 37cm(14 inches) tall.
Print on cardstock and get tools out, this is constructive entertainment.
I rank this cardmodel Level-4: highly complex parts that are challenging to build.

The ZIP files containing the ready-to-print PDF files are awaiting your purchase.

And, "YES", they are posed a little awkward in the photos, I have no excuses.