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It came from the internet. A phenomena initiated by anonymous discussion and sketches, grew with more participants creating content, and over years expanded into its own universe. Utilized online by a varied, irregular, and loosely associated people expressing themselves (not always in the most positive methods).

The "fluffypony" is a small, genetically engineered, horse-like creature, capable of simple human speech, that occur in a wide range of colors.
Each are 6(six) variants in mix-and-match colors, featuring option parts to build as 'common fluffy', unicorn, pegasus, and alicorn. Plus a set of "white" parts that can be manually colored.

Set No.1 "basics"
Variants in mix-and-match primary colors.

Set No.2 "pastels"
Variants in mix-and-match pastel colors.

Set No.3 "naturals"
Variants in mix-and-match "less desirable" colors.

This DIY cardmodel kit has illustrated color instructions and parts sheets to build this 10cm(4 inches) long creature figure.
Print on cardstock and get tools out, this is constructive entertainment.

The ZIP file containing the ready-to-print PDF files is awaiting your purchase.

I rank this cardmodel Level-2: simple enough for most builders, mildly complex parts, easy to build.