Samantha Galactic

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Somewhat unreal when a conceptual spokesperson escapes across the internet and causes an intense pique of interest more than any of the company's actual released products or media content. Increasingly surreal when it enters into media that may be unexpected.
So, here is a re-imagined character re-conceived as a cardmodel figure, this small delight of a doll could become your personal mascot if you let her.

This DIY cardmodel has fully illustrated color instructions and the parts sheet to build this lovely little doll. She finishes 16cm(6inches) tall.

Print on cardstock and get tools out, this is constructive entertainment. This cardmodel is reasonably simple to build.

The ZIP file containing the ready-to-print PDF file is awaiting your purchase.

I rank this cardmodel Level-2: simple enough for most builders, mildly complex parts, easy to build.